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Ronald and Christina Gidwitz Hall of Birds Reopened

Ronald and Christina Gidwitz Hall of Birds Reopened

On September 25, 2012, Field Museum reopened its renovated bird hall.  The Ronald and Christina Gidwitz Hall of Birds blends the original display cases filled with birds of the Chicago region, North America, and the World with modern technology and research to bring the specimens to life.  Over 1,000 mounted specimens were dusted, including the careful cleaning of all 2,000+ glass eyeballs, and the glass of the display cases polished.

Renovations include new reading rails that focus on developments in the evolutionary tree of life for birds and an Artists' Corner showcasing works from Field Museum's collections.  Interactive kiosks featuing information on iPads are throughout the hall.  The iPad technology connects the specimens to their living counterparts though photos, videos, interactive maps, and interactive games.  Specialized games were developed for young children.

Atmospheric projections and sounds throughout the hall make you feel like you could be outside in varying environments throughout the World.  A video in the Exhibition features people from different ages and walks of life united by their passion for birds.

The Bird Hall is free with basic admission to the Museum.