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Field Revealed

Field Revealed

All About the Field Revealed Series

Since 2010, The Field Revealed has been introducing the public to some of the more than 20 million items in the museum’s collection, the many dedicated scientists and staff who call the Field Museum home, and some of the museum’s unique outreach programs.

The Field Revealed Bird Videos focus on individuals working in the Bird Division, and the specimens and species they study.  Some of the Field's "bird-people" fell in love with birds early on, while others came across birds later in life.  In pursuit of different scientific questions, these individuals demonstrate the variety of perspectives to be found among those who study and conserve birds around the world as well as right here in Chicago.

The Field Revealed is supported by the Field Museum's magical Technology Department, Collections and Research, and is produced by Field Museum Science Media Producers Jared Berent and Kate Webbink.