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Science@FMNH Bird Videos

There are over 150 scientists working behind-the-scenes at The Field Museum of Natural History. Curators, collection managers, research associates, post doctoral scientists, and graduate students study and manage the Museum’s vast collection of 24 million anthropological, botanical, geological and zoological specimens and objects from around the world. These collections--from narwhal horns to treeferns, fish fossils, and Chinese rubbings--help Museum scientists to understand and conserve the world's biological and cultural diversity. Science@FMNH brings you a dynamic video or podcast that explores the research, collections and people that make this Museum a world-class research institution!  

The Science@FMNH Bird Videos explore the research, people and collections behind the Emerging Pathogen Project.  This project samples birds, small mammals, and their pathogens and parasites to study emerging threats to environments and human health.  This joint project between The Field Museum and University of Chicago's Institute for Genomics and Systems Biology will result in collections that can provide a baseline to study current and emerging diseases.  

Science at FMNH is funded by The Grainger Foundation and produced by the Biodiversity Synthesis Center.