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Meet our Scientists

Meet our Scientists

Who Are We?

Meet the team.  We're a diverse set of scientists, educators, and technology experts.

Bird Division Contact

Ben Marks, phone (312) 665-7812, e-mail Ben

Mary Hennen, phone (312) 665-7718, e-mail Mary

Curatorial Staff

Shannon Hackett, The Richard and Jill Chaifetz Associate Curator and Head, Birds, phone (312) 665-7729

John Bates, Associate Curator, phone (312) 665-7730

Professional Staff

Ben Marks, Ph.D., Collections Manager

Thomas Gnoske, Assistant Collections Manager

Mary Hennen, M.Sc., Collections Assistant

David Willard, Ph.D., Emeritus Collections Manager and Adjunct Curator of Birds

Steve Goodman, Ph.D., HDR, MacArthur Field Biologist

Staff Scientists

Jason Weckstein, Ph.D.

Josh Engel, B.Sc.

Holly Lutz, B.Sc.

Heather Skeen, B.Sc.

Dan Brinkmeier, M.Sc.

Fabian Ernemann, B.Sc.

Fabio Berzagi, M.Sc.

Peter Lowther, Ph.D.

Artist in Residence

Peggy Macnamara

Post-doctoral Fellows

Nicholas Block, Ph.D.

Zifeng Jiang, Ph.D.

Resident Graduate Students

Nick Crouch, University of Illinois, Chicago

Shane DuBay, University of Chicago

Aaron Savit, University of Chicago

Ben Winger, University of Chicago

Resident Research Associates

Peter Lowther, Ph.D.

Sushma Reddy, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Loyola University

Recent Undergraduate Interns

Mark Swanson, Illinois Wesleyian

Emma Clare Mihevc, Georgia Tech University

Daniel Montgomery, Indiana State University

Luke Campillo, Drake University


High School Interns


Recent Alumni

Michel Valim, Ph.D., Postdoctoral Researcher, 2011

Isabel Caballero, graduate student, Ph.D. University of Illinois, Chicago, 2012

Sidnei de Melo Dantas, resident graduate student, Universidade Federal do Pará, 2011