Josh Engel

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Josh has been associating with the Field Museum's Bird Division since he did an internship there for his high school freshman biology class. Since then, he's worked for them in various capacities including as an undergraduate intern, a contractor, a volunteer, and, currently, as a full-time research assistant studying birds of the Albertine Rift. Josh has managed to combine his dual passions for birds and traveling and has participated in bird research on four continents and has been birding on two more. Many of the photos on these pages were taken by him. He's on the board of the Illinois Ornithological Society, a member of the Illinois Ornithological Records Committee, the field trip co-coordinator for the Illinois Young Birders, and a tour leader for Tropical Birding. All-in-all, he's rather obsessed with birds. His Field Museum profile and blog can be accessed here and his flickr photo page can be accessed here.